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Your company is searching for a sales configuration tool. You know it has to be able to create a quote. But what other options are important? What kind of examples exist on the web? All the vendors on the market tell you that they can help your manufacturing company with configuration, pricing and quoting. But how do the vendors differ? 
4100322078_eea725c9e7_bThis web site explores your options for purchasing or renting a commercial sales configurator tool from the vendors on the market. We will help you with key functionality, show you some examples and help you distinguish one vendor from the other.


Salesforce acquires SteelBrick for $360 Million

CRM giant Salesforce is working to fortify the quoting and billing functions of its software platform. To do so, the customer CRM company just bought SteelBrick. Financial terms of Salesforce’s acquisition of the six-year-old startup were not disclosed in the announcement. But the technology giant’s regulatory filing reveals the deal is worth $360 million. That’s about half […]