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Cost Per Click Advertising (CPC) Model


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Benefits of the Cost Per Click Advertising (CPC) Model

The key to successful performance of any online business is to find a source for highly targeted audiences and getting as many potential customers as possible at the lowest price. In most cases, cost per click advertising would perfectly suit the method for achieving this goal and attracting relevant visitors to any website at a very affordable price per visitor and on very beneficial conditions.
SEMrush BlogMay 21, 2013
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Keep Keyword Density Natural and Avoid Keyword Stuffing


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How To Keep Keyword Density Natural and Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the Lord Voldemort of the SEO world. It is one thing marketers try to stay away from as much as possible. There is a strong temptation to add as many keywords as possible to the content you have created. However, Google will pick you up on it sooner or later and you could face a hefty keyword stuffing penalty as a result.
SEMrush BlogApr 15, 2013