Increase Leads from Google My Business: February Semrush Tool Updates

Darina Andronova

Mar 06, 20202 min read
Increase Leads from Google My Business: February Semrush Tool Updates

Below we have three tool updates our subscribers need to know about. But first, we want to mention that all users can now enjoy the Link Building tool reports and the Position Tracking Landscape report in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.

And, our keyword database increase hit 18.8 billion, which means that the options for finding keywords for your paid and organic search marketing campaigns have increased massively. There is so much data waiting for you, so check it out!

Custom Market Research

Market research services are costly, especially when you need to narrow the focus to a few specific companies. But users of the Competitive Research add-on can quickly do this research at no extra cost at all. 

With the Custom Market report in our Market Explorer, you will be able to

  • Understand the competitive landscape and its dynamics and trends in your niche.
  • Explore your competitors' audience, Traffic Generation and Social Media Distribution strategies. 
  • Reveal gaps and find perfect opportunities to beat your competition. 

The report analyzes the market position, competitors' growth, traffic distribution and traffic generation strategies, audience demographics, and market dynamics for up to 20 domains of your choice. All you need is to push the “Edit Competitors” button and enter your competitors domains. 



Get Extra Leads from Your Google My Business Profile and Facebook Videos

Where do you announce your promos and events? Whatever the answer, you definitely need to ensure this information reaches as many people as possible. 

The new functionalities of the Social Media Poster let our subscribers:

  • Gain more exposure and drive more organic traffic to their websites from local search results and shared Facebook videos.
  • Beat the competition by offering competitors' customers better deals right in search results.
  • Attract extra attention to sales and discounts by highlighting them in GMB posts and Facebook videos.
  • Build a stronger connection with the customers by regularly offering new engaging content.

Please welcome the feature that lets you schedule and create posts in the Google My Business What’s New section right from the tool. It is available to all Guru and Business subscribers.


Another new feature is posting .mp4 and .mov videos of up to 100MB on Facebook, available to all paid users. 


Big Data in Your Email Inbox

If you run a big company, you know how it feels when the various reports start to pile up, especially at the end of the month or quarter. If you are also a Semrush Business subscriber, we have a solution that can reduce the unnecessary data you deal with and also save time. You can schedule the data export from Position Tracking to:

  • Make sure the information you need for your work is at hand.
  • Include Semrush data in your internal documentation.
  • Manage data from different sources the way you like.
  • Report to customers effortlessly. 

Daily, Weekly or Monthly

You can schedule the delivery of the Position Tracking Overview, Rankings Distribution, and Landing Pages reports to be delivered your email inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And yes, it will be filtered as you want it to be. 

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