Get Traffic That Converts in a Few Clicks: Semrush Tool Updates [March 2020]

Irina Zeleneva

Apr 09, 20205 min read
Get Traffic That Converts: March Updates

We had a pretty productive month developing Semrush’s tools and features in March. Due to the coronavirus, we granted free access to several tools and services at the end of the month to help marketers navigate the current economic climate.

We also made some significant tool updates, including improved keyword research tools, a new backlink report and a new way to more easily attract high-quality traffic.

Let’s take a look at what those changes mean for you:

Improved Keyword Research to Achieve Your Business Goals 

Only by having a clear understanding of what is important to your users can you offer products, services and content that will be of use to them. We have revamped our Keyword Gap and Keyword Overview features to help you achieve this, so you can capture more of the leads that matter to your business. 

Discover Opportunities with the Refined Keyword Gap 

Keyword Gap lets you compare the keyword profiles side-by-side and discover which ones you are missing from your strategy. One in-demand yet previously missing feature was the ability to compare URLs, subdomains, and subfolders as well as top-level domains. 

With these updates, you can now easily determine:

  • Which keywords you missed for a specific article.
  • Which subdomains or subfolders on a site have insufficient content to rank well for keywords.

Please note: The ability to compare URLs, subdomains, and subfolders is available on Guru and Business subscriptions with Semrush.

Top Opportunities

There is now a Top Opportunities widget at the top of the report that provides quick access to the most obvious keyword gaps on your domain.

Depending on your paid versus organic settings, this will give you the keywords with the highest volume that your strategy is missing, opportunities to save your advertising budget, and the keywords for which a competitor is attempting to steal traffic.

Keyword Gap also features a visual SEO competitive analysis by way of the Keyword Overlap graph. 

You can click on any overlap to see, for instance, all the keywords for which a selected competitor ranks and you do not. The list of keywords will be displayed in a table like this:

New SEMrush Keyword Gap

Using the table filters, you can collect the list of Shared keywords for which each of the domains/URLs/subfolders/subdomains rank. This might help you in the first steps towards optimizing the pages of your site.

If you have already made good progress with your SEO strategy, try to find Weak keywords for which competitor domains have higher positions than your domain. You can also find out which important words you don’t rank for in the top 100 (Missing).

The Strong keywords for which competitor domains have lower positions than your domain, and the keywords that are Unique to you will also be visible. 

These are likely to be your most powerful and fruitful opportunities, so you need to make sure you maintain this advantage. 

If you choose a competitor's domain/page/subdomain/subfolder and apply the Unique filter, this will uncover their strategy and their advantages. 

Analyze their unique keywords to understand which ones you have missed and which goods or services they have in demand. 

If you have similar offers, think about how you can optimize the relevant pages on your site with these keywords to outrank the competitor. 

You can then send the keywords to the Keyword Manager, which is essentially a repository for all the keywords in your SEO strategy.

Find out more about the changes to the Keyword Gap tool here.

Uncover the Best Terms, Phrases, and Questions with the Refined Keyword Overview 

You can head to the Keyword Overview and type a specific keyword into the search bar (as well as clicking on it in the report) to find stats to inform your strategy. 

Let’s take a look at some of the great features available in this report:

1. Global Volume 

You can now see the total number of searches for the analyzed keyword in all databases and a list of the countries in which it is most popular. 

For example, by using the widget, you can assess the demand for any product in different countries and learn which stores are well represented in each market.

Global Volume - SEMrush update

2. SERP Features list for a keyword

You can hover over the sign (2) to see which SERP Features are being generated when searching around your keyword. 

SERP Features are special results on SERPs that are intended to offer users helpful information without entering a website. 

You can take advantage of these features to increase your visibility, authority, and sales.

3. Question-based keywords

Content answering a specific question can be more engaging and have a higher chance of getting into Featured Snippets if correctly optimized. 

Take a look at the Questions section of the report (3) to discover long-tail keywords that contain your seed keyword.  

Question-based keywords in SEMrush

4. SERP Analysis 

This section of the report presents the top 100 Google results that appear for the analyzed keyword in a table (4). 

Using metrics for each URL in the table (page authority score, number of referring domains, backlinks, keywords for which the page is ranking, and search traffic volume), you can understand the strength of these pages. 

In addition, clicking on any of the numbers will take you to a deeper view of a specific URL, so you can collect more ideas to rank better for your target keyword.

SERP Analysis - SEMrush updates

A Better View of High-Converting and Transparent Traffic for Your Website

Marketers spend a lot of time choosing the appropriate traffic sources, creating multiple ad copies for each advertising platform, and identifying which ones are effective and which are a waste of money.

With Traffic Jet, our new tool, you can now fully automate the traffic acquisition process. 

Instead of a time-consuming manual routine, you can simply enter a website URL to which you want to drive traffic, choose target locations, your budget, and your goal (awareness or conversions). 

Traffic Jet - High-Converting and Transparent Traffic for Your Website

Traffic Jet will determine the best traffic sources and create multiple versions of the ad copy to place across Search, Display, Mobile and Social. 

Based on your Google Analytics session data, AI-powered technology will constantly optimize your campaigns and choose the best channels for you.

The big advantage of Traffic Jet is that you pay only for the actual traffic you get to your website, and all the data is sent to your Google Analytics. This means you can see exactly where each visitor is coming from to your website.

Find out more about the simple steps you can take here to get high-quality traffic and leads to your website. 

Before you try the tool, you can also plan your budget; when you choose your marketing goal, the calculator instantly estimates the cost of your campaign.

A Full Analysis of Target Pages on Any Site

Our last major update in March was the new Target Pages report in Backlink Audit

This allows you to quickly evaluate how well the target pages of your domain or those of a competitor’s domain perform in terms of: 

  • The number of referring domains or backlinks;
  • The pattern of changes: new, broken or lost referring domains or backlinks;
  • The referral traffic from integration with Google Analytics (for your own site only).

New report - Target Pages report in Backlink Audit

These insights mean that you can more efficiently prioritize your work on your backlink profile based on what is working and what is not. 

Additionally, the “Target URL error” setting for your own domain will help you to quickly identify errors on Target URLs and avoid them in future.

Other Notable Updates

In addition to those larger scale improvements, we also made some small tweaks to finetune the Semrush suite last month.

Here's what we added:

  • The ability to get overview data from the Site Audit in your Google Data Studio reports (the connector will be added to the GDS gallery soon, but you can access it now via the link)
SEMrush Site Audit Overview

That’s all the updates for March. Let us know your thoughts on any of the features mentioned above, and leave all your tool feedback in the comments below.